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Curriculum Vitae

I started in Kisvárda in the county of Szabolcs-Szatmár in 1954 when I was born. The first step in my artistic life was the Teacher Training College in Nyíregyháza.
Strangely enough I got the spark not from the art teachers taking part in the education but from the grounded student, profession, friend society. Telling the truth we got the spark from each other by encouraging one another. Fast all of us matured as artists from that society, and we are also members of the Hungarian Artists’ National Association.
I worked as a teacher fro almost twenty-five years. Probably I would have taught until now if I had not been ill. The creation and teaching, raising is almost the same activity. The teacher guides the pupils’ attention, interest, helps them with the understanding of the things of the world, shows emotional and behavior attitudes.
Mainly: he encourages the skill of expression, increases its ability. In the end he raises for understanding, reception, and thinking. The artist would like to elicit similar effects in the seer by his works. As a painter I use the composition to express colors, lines, contrasts, surfaces, etc.
The biggest challenge for the artist is the introduction of his ripe, suffered and as general described work. An exhibition takes a lot of energy, time and money from the active work. The creation of a homepage on the internet, even if it does not give a direct personal experience, is a good possibility to express yourself in pictures and in words without any obligation, so that you could show a piece of yourself.
I have been living in Tatabánya since 1981. The main part of my teaching can also be bound to the town, which I completed in the local Attila József Basic Artistic Elementary School.
I applied to more exhibitions in Tatabánya. I have taken part in group exhibitions in Tatabánya the most. Among these the most important was the autumn exhibitions in the Tatabánya Museum organized by the Public Association for Tatabánya Creative Artists.
In the creation of my paintings I have often leant on the world of the music. Mostly Bartók, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky inspired me for the creation in a form of a painting. Literature has also been my inspiration to express my emotions, thoughts many times. Among them were Attila József, EndreAdy, LajosÁprily, DomokosSzilágyi, Kafka, Rilke, etc. The material world means more subjects in my present opus. The headboard of Szatmárcseke, structures in Tokaj, carved gates, doors and Ferro-concrete constructions.


E-mail: szilagyi.tib54@gmail.com
Mobile: +36-70/502-6095
Web: http://www.szilagyiart.hu


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Under editing!

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