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No one has ever been himself the way he really is, though, everyone strives to be himself: someone tentative, another one the way he can?. Hermann Hesse, German-Swiss author wrote these thought in 1946.
The person if he is a thinking, eventually creative soul explores his actual private experiences, feelings, divinations or depicts from the material, spiritual or social medium thought as real. Through work illustrated, he reflects the experience to the effects of the galaxy as a mirror.
The world of the electronic media makes possible that everyone could open a window for himself in any form as if he stepped into a shop window through his works to show, to be understood by the wider world.
This kind of exhibitionism resembles the creation of an exhibition or publication. It is the work of the art or artist to make an effect and through to document a given age. By the acquired experiences as building elements, the successors could build this infinite edifice, the COGNITION.
Every work is the documentation of the higher powers. The art is the highest creative form. It gives itself without any respect to anything else, and though, it is one with all. It is not an analysis, but a synthesis. It is based on the laws of the possibility, roots in the cosmos with its power, and the announcement is in its every part that it could be born just now and just this way?? LajosKassák 1922.
The work is abstraction. The work is creation. In relationship of the artist and the recipient, the composition means the incarnation. In the painting, the composition is the thought with the means of color, form, line, contrast, etc. The formation of the ethos and the public taste is the artist’s task. The result will be the reflection, the imprints of the age. It is the responsibility of the artist and the art to create an esthetic high work that can give an understandable experience to the recipient.
A surrealistic picture association is characteristic for my expressing world, which appears in a vivid contrast color world according to the constructive structural principles. I try to express the difficulty, beauty, changes of the existent by the change of the relation, rate of the line and space. Harmonic, another time tense, dissonant contrasts dominate in many of my paintings.
People get more and more information in our world by the media. This bunch of information is itself an unreal, surreal thing. This huge, gigantic knowledge degrades people.
You have to find the harmonic rate and relation between the I and the world. Solidarity, loyalty, tolerance, empathy must be shown instead of ignorance, violence and brutality. I often deal with this problem in my paintings. A musical or literature work gets an associative role in my works as well. The headboard of Szatmárcseke, a Ferro-concrete construction or a bench, etc. often appears in my compositions. The symbolic light bulb and the creatures created by me have a unique role. The planar decorative constructions cause first of all the orderliness, harmony, euphoria, because one of the art’s goals is the ethos, the courage of the beautiful and good as general and acceptable. Painting can be fine arts. It is the art of beauty.


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